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Social Event

Venue: Guided tour in Blandy’s Wine Lodge, followed by a dinner with a traditional music show
Saturday 17, 19:15 – 23:30

The History

Blandy's Madeira is a family owned business with over 200 years of experience in producing the finest quality Madeira wines, and prevails totally dedicated to the preservation of the Madeira wine production traditions whilst maintaining the highest quality standards. Founded by John Blandy - the family Madeiran branch patriarch - in 1811, Blandy’s Madeira is a family-owned wine company and for 200 years, it has been synonymous of a quality Madeira wine.

In 1925 Blandy's decided to join the Madeira Wine Association; a group of wine companies formed together to maximize global exposure and minimize overheads in a world where the export market was experiencing an all-time low. Led by the Blandy family, this association managed to survive the bleak years whilst many individual companies fell by the wayside.

In 1989 in order to further expand the global market, the Blandy's approached another Anglo-Portuguese family, the Symingtons of Oporto (Port producers since the 19th century) and offered them a partnership in the newly named Madeira Wine Company (MWC), which remains until the current days.

In 2000 the Blandy’s Madeira Wine Company led the way with the introduction of a high quality but affordable Madeira of a single year (known as "Colheita" in Portuguese); "Blandy's Malmsey 1994 Harvest". This was the first dated Madeira ever launched other than the very expensive and rare Vintage Madeira. Wine merchants and consumers in many countries welcomed this fresh new thinking for quality Madeira. Since then many other Madeira producers have again followed the MWC lead by introducing younger dated wines, thus creating an important new category of premium Madeira.

In July 2002, Blandy’s Madeira again launched a completely new style of Madeira with a radical presentation, "Blandy's Alvada". The wine is different of anything that has been produced before as it combines 2 noble grape varieties, Malmsey and Bual to arrive at a superbly balanced wine that combines the rich flavors of the Malmsey with the more complex and drier structure of the Bual. Once again Blandy’s MWC has challenged the accepted wisdom.

Today Michael and Chris Blandy, members of the 6th and 7th generations, continue to work in the company, which is today run by Chris, and is the world’s leading producer of premium quality Madeira wine. The company continues to lead the way in the re-establishment of Madeira as one of the world's great wines.

The Place

Once a 17th century monastery, the Old Blandy Wine Lodge provides an ageing store for thousands of barrels of Blandy’s highest quality Madeira wines. Something also worth noting is the Vintage Room, where visitors can sample and purchase some outstanding vintage wines, dating back to the early 20th century!

The Old Blandy Wine Shop is the ideal place to find an extensive selection of Portuguese table wines (including Madeira’s table wine Atlantis), spirits, locally made liqueurs and, of course, Madeira wine.

The Dinner

The dinner will be served in a room with murals depicting the various stages of winemaking, painted by the well-known German artist, Max Römer (1878-1960), who adopted the island of Madeira and its people for the last 38 years of his life, becoming highly regarded for his ability to portray Madeira’s life. His work can nowadays be seen in public buildings such as the São Lourenço Fortress. During the pleasant dinner, you can learn the traditional dance “Bailinho da Madeira”.