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Universities, R&D Groups and Academic Networks

GISTAM is a unique forum for universities, research groups and research projects to present their research and scientific results, be it by presenting a paper, hosting a tutorial or instructional course or demonstrating its research products in demo sessions, by contributing towards panels and discussions in the event's field of interest or by presenting their project, be it by setting up an exhibition booth, by being profiled in the event's web presence or printed materials or by suggesting keynote speakers or specific thematic sessions.

Special conditions are also available for Research Projects which wish to hold meetings at INSTICC events.

Current Academic Partners:

Universitat Jaume I (UJI)

Universitat Jaume I (UJI) is currently the leading higher education and research centre in the north of the Valencian Community and it is continually seeking to enhance the social, economic and cultural development of the society in which it is immersed through the creation and transmission of knowledge. Postgraduate studies at the UJI are comprised of 38 official Master’s degrees several non-official Master’s degrees and postgraduate specialization course and 31 doctoral program. Among all of these programs and related to GI, UJI offers since 2007 an Erasmus Mundus Masters degree in Geospatial Technologies and since September 2009, a doctorate Program in Geospatial Information Integration. The Geospatial Technologies Research Group - GEOTEC ( is a research group part of the University Jaume I, working in the GI field since 1996. GEOTEC is primarily working on Spatial Data Infrastructures and Services, Sensor webs, Crowdsourcing and Web 2.0 Services and Mobility systems, focusing on mobile and location based applications, interoperability, integration, ubiquitous access and advanced visualization. This group since its onset has been working to provide scientific and technological services to increase participation in research projects and technology transfer with companies and institutions within the University environment.